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Using MyPHD platform, Stanford University and Nature Bloomers collaborate to better understand the connection between nature-based interventions (NBIs) and physiological parameters using wearable devices and self-reported physical symptoms and mental health status.

Features tailored to your study design

Join study

Enroll in Nature-N-Health study to participate.

Login after enroll

Login the study with the login key emailed to you.

Connect device(s)

Connect your wearable device(s) to upload data.

Sync data often

Check all data from wearable device(s) is synced to the most recent date on Dashboard.

What are nature-based interventions (NBIs)?

Nature-based interventions include independent or group-based activities that are undertaken in outdoor green and blue spaces.

Green space is defined as publicly accessible areas with natural vegetation, such as grass, plants, or trees.

Blue space is defined as either man-made (e.g. canals; boating lakes), naturally occurring fresh water (e.g. rivers; ponds; lakes), or salt water bodies with identifiable potential for promoting human well-being.

Are you eligible to participate?

Contact us for questions by email:, or call the Protocol Director, Michael Snyder PhD at 650-723-4668.

For complaints, concerns, or participant’s right questions, contact the Stanford IRB at 1-866-680-2906.

You are 18-80 years old.

You own a wearable device that measures heart rate and step (e.g., Fitbit, Apple Watch).

You do not have any known cardiac conditions.

You are not pregnant.